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    Oriental Nicco is one of the top EPC Company in India which providing engineering services, procurement and construction services to major organizations in the chemical process plant , effluent treatment plant, metallurgical, mini refinery, thermal and nuclear power, oil terminal operations, organic and inorganic chemicals.

  • About
    Oriental NICCO Projects Pvt. Limited (ONPPL) was incorporated in the year 2011 by Oriental Group of Ahmedabad. It provides engineering services, procurement and construction services to major organizations.

  • Engineering Services
    Oriental Nicco has done Front End Engineering & Design, Process Engineering, Multi-Disciplinary Detail Engineering, Computer Aided Design & Development, 3D Modeling and Engineering Inspection Services and Site Management.

  • Projects
    • Chemical Process Plants Design & Layout
      Our strength lies in the total packages embracing the Chemical Process Plan Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of complete customized plants.

    • Effluent Treatment Plant
      Oriental Nicco emphasize on developing technologies and engineering services for effective waste water management by providing Effluent Treatment Plant.

    • Oil and Gas Processing Plants Construction
      Oriental Nicco has worked in many areas of Oil & Gas Processing Plants like Gas Compression and Dehydration Systems, Group Gathering Stations and Gas Collecting Stations, Skid Mounted Mini Refineries and Water Injection Plants, Process Units in Refineries and Petrochemical Complexes.

    • Industrial Infrastructure Development
      Oriental Nicco has worked on Industrial Infrastructure Development like Water Retaining Structure, Industrial Building & Structures, Foundation & Piling Works and Construction of Roads.

    • Best Tankages Design & Oil Terminals Operations
      Oriental Nicco provide best tankage and oil terminal like Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Conecum Floating Roof, Dome Roof Storage Tanks, Fire Protection Systems, Pumping and Loading Systems, Integrated Automation Systems, Complete Grassroot Oil Terminal.

    • Utilities, Services and Offsites
      Oriental Nicco has also successfully undertaken projects in the field of Utility Generation and Distribution Systems as well as Auxiliary Service Systems in large core sector projects of some of the largest EPC companies in India.

    • New Electrical Projects Completed by ONPPL
      Oriental Nicco has executed a large number of projects in the field of Electrical Power Distribution Systems, HT and LT Cabling, Captive Power Generation, Industrial and Urban Lighting Systems.

  • Mini Refinery
    Oriental Nicco design & install Mini-Refinery which comprises of Crude Topping Units, Strippers & Stabilizers can be installed either at well head locations of residual oil wells or at a strategic Group Gathering Stations.

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    Head Office
    Oriental Nicco Projects Private Limited (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)
    IT Lagoon, 1203-4, Plot E2-2/1, Block EP & GP, Sector V,
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091, India.
    Phone: +91 (33) +91 33 66285000 & 6628 5250/55
    Fax: +91 (33) - 2248 - 3098, 2230 - 2362