Best Tankages Design & Oil Terminals Operations

After successfully completing various process plants from concept to commissioning, Oriental EPC team ventured in Oil & Gas Storage systems as well. Starting with our maiden venture of a Tankages System for Kerosene Recovery Unit of ONGC at Hazira, we gradually become one of the most reputed contractors in this field and tankages constructed several grassroot oil terminals operations complete with Storage, Pumping, Loading / Unloading and Fire Protection System and state of the art Automation.

Areas of Operation

  • Cone Roof, Floating Roof, ConecumFloating Roof, Dome Roof Storage Tanks
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Pumping and Loading Systems
  • Integrated Automation Systems
  • Complete Grassroot Oil Terminal


Major References of our Oil Terminal Operations

  1. ONGC Limited, Hazira
    7 nos. Floating Roof & Cone Roof Tanks for Kerosene Recovery Unit
  2. Numaligarh Refinery Ltd, Numaligarh
    22 nos. Storage Tanks for Products and Intermediate including 48m dia FR Tanks
  3. India Oil Corporation Ltd, Rewari & Sangrur
    Complete Grassroots Oil Terminals including 18 nos. of Tanks
  4. Chennai Petroleum Corpn. Ltd, Chennai
    Tankages Work for DHDS Projects
  5. IBP Limited, Haldia, Hazira & Kondapalli
    Complete POL Terminals
  6. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Barauni
    2 nos. 65m dia Floating Roof Tanks
  7. Gas Authority of India Ltd, Pata Floating
    15 nos. Organic Storage Tanks including Cone, and Dome Roof type
  8. Cairn Energy India Pty. Limited, Rava Onshore Facilities
    1 no. 79m dia Double Deck Floating Roof Tank
  9. Haldia Petrochemical Limited, Haldia
    Floating and Cone Roof Tankages Work
  10. National Aluminium Co. Ltd, Damanjodi
    Tankage Work for Precipitation Area and Balance Tanks in Alumina Refinery
  11. South Refineries Company, Basrah, Iraq
    Design and Supply of Materials for 15 Nos. Tanks