Oil and Gas Processing Plants Construction

Oriental EPC entered the Oil & Gas Sector in the early 1990’s and by the end of the decade became one of the most prominent and reputed contract organizations in this sector.

There were many firsts to their credit. From the first Micro Filtration Plant for Injection Water for ONGC at CPF Gandhar to the first large scale Gas Lift Facilities Plant, complete with Gas Compression and Dehydration System for ONGC at Pakhajan to the first operational Skid Mounted Mini Refinery at Tatipaka.

The successes also include Insitu Combustion Plants, Gas Collecting Stations, Gas Compression Plant, Flare Gas Recovery Unit, Site / Shop Fabrication of Hydrogen Reformer, Spent Caustic Recovery Plants amongst others.


Areas of Operation

  • Gas Compression and Dehydration Systems, Group Gathering Stations and Gas Collecting Stations
  • Insitu Combustion Plants and Water Injection Plants
  • Process Units in Refineries and Petrochemical Complexes
  • Skid Mounted Mini Refineries and Mid-stream Oil and Gas
  • LPG / LNG Pumping and Boosting Stations, Hazardous Gas / Fluid Handling Systems
  • Cross Country Pipeline Construction
  • Hydrogen Reformer Fabrication



Major References

  1. ONGC Limited, Balol
    InSitu Combustion Plant
  2. ONGC Limited, Pakhajan
    Gas Lift Facilities Plant
  3. India Oil Corporation Limited, Barauni
    34,000 TPA Hydrogen Reformer Package Unit
  4. ONGC Limited, Uran
    Flare Gas Recovery Plant
  5. ONGC Limited, South Kadi
    Water Injection Plant
  6. ONGC Limited, Uran
    Segregation of HUTBUT Oil Line and Methanol Injection Facilities
  7. Greater Calcutta Gas Corporation, Kolkata
    Gas Metering System for Town Gas Supply
  8. Chennai Petroleum Corpn. Ltd, Chennai
    Civil & Structural Works for Hydro Cracker Project
  9. Gas Authority of India Limited, Pata
    Spent Caustic Plan
  10. Gas Authority of India Limited, Vizag, Vijaywada & Secunderabad
    LPG Pumping & Boosting Station
  11. ONGC Limited, Uran
    Replacement of LPG Column in LPGII
  12. ONGC Limited, Geleki
    HP Gas Compression Facilities
  13. ONGC Limited, Kuthalam
    Gas Collecting Station