Flue Gas Desulphurisation Services for Middle Range Thermal Power Projects in India In Technical Collaboration with Rudis, Slovenia

FGD on Unit 6 in TPP Šoštanj

(The best operational FGD plant in Europe)


Type of the Contract: Turnkey

Unit power: 600 MWel

Flue gas flow: 2.100.000 Nm3/h (wet)

Fuel:  Lignite

Inlet SO2  conc: 6.400 – 8.200 mg SO2/Nm3

Outlet SO2conc(contract): <100mgSO2/Nm3

Reagent: Limestone powder

Cleaning process: Wet lime process

Availability: 97%

Project Highlights

Operational outlet SO2 Concentration!

20-30 mgSO2/Nm3

Process Efficiency

up to 99.75%

To further expand the company’s global reach and its ability to deliver excellence in Project Management, Engineering and Execution, Oriental EPC has entered into a strategic technical collaboration with Rudis, Slovenia, a leading technology holder for Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Process in the power sector.

As strict environmental protection regulations require thermal power plants in India to reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide from their flue gases, Oriental EPC will now be offering fully compliant turnkey FGD solutions, by combining technical know-how from their technical collaborator, M/s Rudis and its in-house proven capabilities for turnkey execution of environmental projects, thus empowering thermal power plants to overcome the ongoing challenge of environmental control while delivering optimal performance.

Rudis is a leading technology holder of flue gas desulphurization plants in Central Europe with a rich experience in designing energy efficient plants that decrease the environmental burdening to the lowest possible extent. This will perfectly complement Oriental EPC’s upcoming FGD installations in India that aim to contribute to the global effort of protecting the environment, using world-class emission reduction technology.

Explore this infographic on Flue Gas Desulphurisation for Thermal Power Plants for more information on this technical collaboration.

FGD on Unit 6 in TPP Šoštanj

Areas of Operation in Flue Gas Desulphurisation

  • Lump sum turnkey projects.
  • Complete EPC management services as per client’s project execution strategy.
  • Desulphurisation in power sector.



Rudis Selected References of FGD Projects

  1. FGD on 600 MW Unit 6 at TPP Sostanj
  2. FGD on 300 MW Unit at Ujljevik Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. FGD on 345 MW Unit 5 at TPP Sostanj
  4. FGD on 125 MW Unit 2 at TPP Trbovlje
  5. FGD on 3 x210MW Unit at Bitola Macedonia


Oriental EPC Major References of Environmental Experience

  1. Gas Cleaning Plant for Copper Smelter at Birla Copper, Dahej
  2. 1300 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant at Birla Copper, Dahej
  3. 250 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant at HCL, Ghatsila
  4. Gas Cleaning & Waste Heat Recovery Plant of Twin Hearth Furnace for SAIL, DSP, Durgapur
  5. Gas Cleaning Plant for Copper Smelter at Hindustan Copper, Ghatsila
  6. Tail Gas Scrubbing Plant for Copper Smelter at Hindustan Copper, Ghatsila
  7. Gas Cleaning Plant for Copper Smelter at Hindustan Copper, Khetri

Our FGD technologies are custom designed to meet stringent air quality control regulations and efficiently control SO2 emissions, helping you keep your operations running at peak efficiency.