Effluent Treatment Plant

ORIENTAL EPC emphasize on developing technologies and engineering services for effective waste water management to contribute in the global effort of protecting our environment.

Our team of competent engineers, conversant with the latest technological developments and process know how, assure the industry of a Effluent Treatment Plant.

Oriental EPC delivers cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize their assets, improve competitive positioning, and increase long-term business success in India. We leverage global engineering expertise with local knowledge and resources. We offer a full range of engineering services to various industries.

Our Engineering Services also help you to develop industrial infrastructure and to design chemical process plant. Our Professional experts have domain expertise in Mini Refinery Development at affordable cost.

Areas of Operation

  • Raw Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants for Mini Refinery, Petro Chemicals, Coke Oven By Product Plant & Steel Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment including High Rate Pressure Filtration Units for Circulating Water Systems of Steel Plants
  • oil terminal operations & design
  • High Pressure Micro Filtration System for Water Injection purpose in Oil Wells.
  • Gas Cleaning Plants for NonFerrous & Ferrous Industries using Wet type Scrubbing Systems and Electrostatic Precipitators


Major References for Effluent Treatment Plant

  1. SAIL Rourkela
    Biological Oxidation Plant for Coke Oven ByProduct Effluent
  2. Tata Steel, Jamshedpur
    High Rate Pressure Filtration Plant for HSM, SC & Ladle Furnace
  3. Hindustan Copper Limited, Ghatsila
    Gas Cleaning Plant
  4. Mangalore Refineries & Petrochemicals Limited, Mangalore
    Waste Water Treatment Plant for Refinery Effluent
  5. JSW Limited, Bellary
    Water Recirculation Treatment Plants for HSM
  6. National Aluminium Co. Ltd, Damanjodi
    Red Mud Disposal System
  7. National Aluminium Co. Ltd, Damanjodi
    Raw Water Intake Systems and Surface Water Treatment
  8. Hindustan Copper Limited, Khetri
    Gas Cleaning Plant for Metallurgical Offgases
  9. Tata Steel, Joda
    Waste Water Plant and Recirculation Plant
  10. Numaligarh Refinery Limited, Numaligarh
    Composite Refinery Effluent Treatment Plant
  11. SAIL Durgapur
    Gas Cleaning Plant for Twin Hearth Furnace
  12. JSW Limited, Bellary
    Dirty Water Treatment and Recirculation for COREX I & II
  13. Gas Authority of India Limited, Pata
    Spent Caustic Recovery Plant
  14. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Panipat
    Effluent Treatment Plant
  15. Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur
    WWTP & Recirculation Plant for LD2 Converter
  16. Ispat Annaba SPA, Algeria
    Water System & Cooling Tower for New Bar Mill Project
  17. SAIL Bokaro
    Augmentation of Water System in SMSII & CCD
  18. SAIL Chandrapur
    Utilities & Services for Installation of 45 MVA SAF