Chemical Process Plants Design & Layout

In the dynamic field of Process Plants, our strength lies in the total packages embracing the Chemical Process Plan Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of complete customized plants. A multidisciplinary team effort. ORIENTAL EPC’s qualified and highly efficient group of process engineers can give your venture a quick start and set you ahead of your competitor. We help clients to maximize their project potential anywhere in India or abroad with everything from diversified engineering services in India to post startup supervision.

We have the Technologies, Processes, Fabrication facilities, Plant & Equipment and the expertise made available through our in house strength and our associates.

From the initial brainstorming sessions right through startup of the Chemical Process Plants, we work towards a single goal, complete satisfaction of our customers.

Areas of Operation in Chemical Process Plants

  • Sulphuric Acid Plant (Sulphur Burning & Metallurgical Off Gases)
  • Phosphoric Acid Plant
  • Coke Oven By Product Recovery Plant consisting of Ammonium Sulphate & Benzol Plants and other Carbo Chemical Plants
  • Crystallization & Purification Plants for Napthalene, Anthracene, Para Nitrochlorobenzene etc.
  • Incineration Plants for Halogenated Hydrocarbons in Petrochemical Industries and other areas
  • Aluminate Liquor Evaporation Batteries
  • Effluent Treatment Plant & oil terminal operations
  • DeSulphurisation Plant using Dual Alkali Scrubbing & Regeneration System
  • Nitroglycerine Plant
  • Gas Condensation Plant

Major References for Chemical Process Plant Design & Layout

  1. Birla Copper, Dahej 
    335 TPD Phosphoric and 1300 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant
  2. SAIL Durgapur
    Naphthalene Crystallization and Purification Plant
  3. Deepak Nitrite Limited, Vadodara
    Nitro Chlorobenzene Purification Plant
  4. EID Parry (I) Limited, Ennore
    400 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant
  5. Dept. of Atomic Energy, Vadodara
    Ammonia Water Plant
  6. Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd, Tarapore
    Heavy Water Upgrading and Vapour Recovery Plants
  7. SAIL Burnpur
    Gas Condensation Plant at Burnpur
  8. Coromandel Fertilizers Limited, Vizag
    1200 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant
  9. Kothari Sugars Limited, Karaikal
    Para Nitro Chlorobenzene Purification Plant
  10. National Aluminium Co. Ltd, Damanjodi
    Alumina Liquor Evaporation Batteries
  11. Sudarshan Chemical Limited, Roha
    Naphthalene Crystallization Plant
  12. Ordnance Factory, Itarsi
    Nitroglycerine Plant of capacity 500 Kg/h
  13. Ordnance Factory, Nalanda
    Nitroglycerine Plant of capacity 500 Kg/h
  14. Konark Met Coke Limited, Duburi
    Ammonium Sulphate Plant
  15. Konark Met Coke Limited, Duburi
    Final Gas Cooler & Naphthalene Scrubber Plant